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Spider Ranch Homeschool: Links

A Journal Of Online Resources For Homeschoolers

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This group is set up to for homeschoolers, parents and other education-oriented folks to share useful websites and online resources for homeschooling and kids in general. Posting your own site or posting requests for sites you're looking for is fine too. I am an extremely laid-back moderator so please relax and enjoy yourselves.

Please try to be as specific as possible in your subject heading - "SCHOOL SUBJECT/resource/age range or other specifics" - so people can find what they're looking for more easily. Try to give us as much information on the site as you can/have time to LOL!

PLEASE USE TAGS GENEROUSLY WHEN POSTING!!! The "TAGS" blank is on the bottom of the posting screen, under the "music," "mood" etc. blanks. Tags should include things like the subject (math, science, etc.) and the type of resource (printables, worksheets, test prep etc.) as well as the age level if needed (preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, 3-5 or whatever.) You can use multiple tags, just separate them with commas. If you have any problems, check lj-help or feel free to ask!


math, printables, worksheets, elementary, 6-10, fractions, multiplication, division

Be sure your posts are set on "public" so everyone can read them. If your regular journal is set with "locked" as the default, you may have to remember to change the setting for posts here. It's on the top left of the posting screen, under "security," right above the "music," "mood," etc. icons.

Note: Moderator acknowledges no resposibility for what other users post, or what links to the links that link to the links that link to us, ad nauseum, nor am I responsible for vetting websites for other people's children. I will do my best, but contributors should use good judgement and parents should police their own offspring's net use. I will remove anything that is an obvious problem, but be advised that the site is currently unmoderated and I have a life, so please let me know immediately if you spot anything that might be inappropriate.