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Spider Ranch Homeschool: Links

Vote for Spunky!

Vote for Spunky!

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Hiya, guys. I'm here to pass on some exciting news. The uber-excellent homeschooling blog, Spunky Homeschool has been nominated for the annual Wizbang Blog Awards (this is a BIG deal in the blogosphere) in the Best Educational Blog category. But the competition is stiff. Spunky is up against an Ivy League gossip blog and a professor at Penn State among others. Both of this blogs are quite anti-homeschooler, and comments to their supporters have included:

"The important thing is that IvyGate and I crush the homeschoolers."

"Homeschoolers suck!"

"And seriously, we do need to beat the cr*p out of those homeschool freaks."

So let's show some homeschooler pride and beat these guys! You can vote once every 24 hours from each computer. Right now, Spunky has pulled back from being more than a thousand votes down to a few votes in the lead thanks to much effort from homeschooled bloggers, but supporters of Penn State professor Michael Berube have been sending out mass emails to try and bring their blog back into the lead before voting closes tomorrow. We need every vote possible in these last few hours to give Spunky the recognition she deserves.

So please, Vote Here and then pass this message along to everyone you know. Spunky is counting on you!

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